Jeremy Renner gives his first interview after the accident that almost ended his life: “I chose to survive”

Jeremy Renner He made his first appearance before the audience after the serious accident that he had outside his house. Let’s remember that the movie star was crushed by a snowplow machine, thus saving the life of her nephew, who was to be the initial victim. Renner suffered 30 broken bones and is still in rehab so he can live a healthy lifestyle. The actor gave an interview to ABC News and told all the details of that sad episode.

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What topics will be covered in the interview?

Jeremy Renner He revealed, in the preview clip, that if he had the opportunity to save his nephew again, he would do it without thinking, because his love for his family is great. Likewise, he narrated that overcoming the tough situation he faced stemmed from his own decision and discipline.

“I would do it again, again. Yes, without thinking about it, she would do it again (…). I chose to survive, this is not going to kill me in any way, “said the actor.

He artist He confessed that the pain he went through was very strong, but he remained calm at all times. In this sense, he affirmed that the levels of muscle mass and skin have decreased as a result of this stage. However, he is focused on his recovery and that will be his main goal now.

“I felt as much pain as possible, but I was awake at all times (…) “I have lost a lot of muscle, skin and bone in this experience, but it has been returned to me and recharged with a lot of love and titanium,” he joked.

Let us remember that the artist, which was a key piece in Marvel, has been recovering and has shown it on social networks. He has been transparent with his followers about the process. “Now I have to find other things to occupy my time so my body can recover from my will,” he recently wrote on his Twitter account.

Jeremy Renner is released and receives therapy at home. Photo: Instagram Jeremy Renner