Jessica Newton clarifies that Alfredo Zambrano did not introduce her husband: “He was the official notary of Miss Peru”

He spoke loud and clear. Jessica Newton surprised a few days ago by telling an infidelity about how she met her husband, Fernando Sánchez de Lamadrid, and hinted that it would have been Alfredo Zambrano who introduced them, but it was not.

It was the former Miss Peru who said that a notary had made her meet her partner, without saying a name, and now she had to go out to clarify that it is not actually Magaly Medina’s husband, but an ex-representative of Miss Peru .

Through their social networks, Jessica newton made his discharges after the misunderstanding. “The notary who introduced us (with her husband) was Donato Carpio, who for many years was an official notary of Miss Peru,” he said in the stories of his official account on Instagram.

“They should learn a little more, we adore Alfredito, but we met him as a couple with Maga. By then we were already super married. Alfredo has never been a notary for Mi ”, he added.

Finally Jessica newton He explained that everything would have been given because he did not specify details, and he closed the topic.

Magaly Medina puts on the patch and denies a fight with Jessica Newton: “Don’t get ballsy”

Magaly medina He explained why he did not spend New Years with Jessica Newton despite the fact that they were both in Madrid, Spain, at the same time, and made it clear that it was not because of a fight.

“We walked a lot with them (Antonio Pavón and his girlfriend), and we returned with the fair on the 31st for the party. They are things (the one he did not share with Jessica) that sometimes people do not see and ask and make balls, but that they do not do them because internally we were talking, “he concluded