Jessica Newton confesses that she gives away the clothes she no longer wears: “It’s always nice to share” [FOTO]

The renowned businesswoman Jessica Newtonn is focused on international events and giving its support to Alessia Rovegno, who is preparing for Miss Universe. However, she now decided to put aside his activities to share a pleasant moment with his followers, with whom she interacted through the “question box” game.

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In her official Instagram account, Cassandra Sánchez de la Madrid’s mother took the opportunity to reveal what she does with the clothes she no longer wears. And it is that, the organizer of Miss Peru He assures that he gives away the clothes he does not wear and that they would have no problem donating it to entities.

“What do you do with the clothes you no longer wear?” Was the question he asked a user after seeing the game he wrote Jessica Newton on their social networks. “I give her away”, she limited herself very sure after the questioning in IInstagram. In addition, he made it clear that he likes to share with others.

“I have 3 daughters, friends, it’s always nice to share and now I want to do it with my followers,” he specified, hinting that a big surprise is coming for his followers, who remain active and react to his publications. Meanwhile, Newton showed that she “loves” shoes and that some fuchsia are his favorite.

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Jessica Newton to Magaly Medina after her criticism: “May she find love in her family”

Some time ago, Jessica Newton, did not sit idly by after the attacks of Magaly Medina towards his son-in-law Deyvis Orosco and his or her environment. Thus, through a conversation with the “Love and Fire” program, he decided not to be silent anymore and to respond with everything to the “Urraca”, who at the time was his intimate and best friend.

“Honestly, the relationship is over, and this situation of continuing to generate unnecessary friction is unpleasant because nobody is happy, nobody is happy remembering things or attacking, I prefer to avoid,” he explained about their brief friendship.