Jessica Newton happy to have celebrated New Years in Spain: “It seemed like a fairy tale”

Jessica newton She traveled with her husband, Fernando de Lamadrid, to Spain to celebrate the New Year after spending Christmas with her family. The businesswoman expressed how excited she is because she received 2022 in a luxurious hotel, since she assures that the venue looked like a palace because of the decoration and the singers at the Mandarin Oriental Ritz in Madrid.

After having enjoyed and said goodbye to the year 2021, the organizer of Miss Peru explained how the party was at the renowned hotel. “The truth was, it was spectacular, I think it was the most beautiful show we had on this date, it seemed like a fairy tale” manifested for Trome.

In addition, the former model explained what her plans are in Spain. “We will stay here until Reyes comes down and Miranda (his daughter) will give us the meeting. Then, we go to Alicante, the two of us are alone with Fer’s parents who are vaccinated, but they are super careful with the issue of COVID-19; then we will go to Madrid until 17 ″.

The former Miss Peru told through her social networks that she could not spend Christmas Eve with her daughter Tamara who contracted coronavirus. “I couldn’t spend Christmas with Tamara because she was infected with COVID-19 and, with great sadness, because we had to manage (greet each other) over the phone. She is ready to be released from quarantine, and although we all miss her very much at Christmas, it is important to respect the isolation times so as not to infect others ”.

The businesswoman revealed that not only her daughter contracted coronavirus days before Christmas, but also the housekeeper tested positive for COVID-19. After the news was released, Jessica Newton regretted the situation her nanny is going through and highlighted the importance of the vaccine.

“My Rous. We found out as soon as we landed in Madrid that she had been infected; but thank God, for being vaccinated, he has given them mild. It is important for everyone to get vaccinated. This year it would be wonderful if we have the responsibility to do it and remember that it is not just two doses ”.