Jessica Newton on Magaly Medina: “True friendship is being apart and that nothing changes”

He spoke loud and clear! Jessica Newton is on everyone’s lips due to her friendship with Magaly Medina, and it was speculated that the two could have fought, so she came out to tell her truth.

Through their social networks, The former Miss Peru answered some questions from her followers after the rumors of distancing herself from the journalist and did not remain silent.

On his official Instagram account, Jessica newton shared a photograph posing next to Magaly Medina, who had said that both “have independent lives and are not Siamese”, to later make their discharges.

The president of the Miss Peru organization was surprised by wishing her friend greetings for the descent of the kings, which is today January 6 and is celebrated a lot in Europe, to then make her a promise.

“True friendship is not about being inseparable but about being separated and that nothing changes. Happy kings Magaly Medina, I hope they surprise you today!” He said.

Jessica newton not only did she make it clear that she is still friends with Magaly Medina, Instead, he promised to celebrate with her soon. “We celebrate the Chinese New Year together, 2022 is the tiger’s turn and Fer is happy!”

Let’s also remember that a few hours ago, the former beauty queen was surprised to reveal that Alfredo Zambrano, Urraca’s husband, was the one who would have introduced her husband Fernando Sánchez de Lamadrid. Oops!

Magaly Medina wishes Jessica Newton a happy descent from kings

As you read the tender words of Jessica Newton, Magaly Medina could not stop speaking and wished him a happy descent of kings. “May the wise men bring you tons of love, health and happiness,” said the journalist from her stories.