Jessica Newton responds like this to a user who asked her who is the real father of her children

Former beauty queen Jessica Newton always interacts with her followers on social media and answers their questions from time to time. This time they asked her about the true father of her four children and she did not hesitate to talk about it.

“One question, who is the real father of your children?”, Was the question they asked him on Instagram.

The organizer of beauty pageants clarified that the only father is her husbando Fernando Sánchez de Lamadrid as it appears on your children’s identity documents.

“The one that appears on their ID and has raised them, Fer,” he wrote.

Another user asked her about her partner’s age and what she advises her to choose who to marry.

“I recommend marrying someone who makes you happy, with whom you can be you effortlessly, who allows you to be free, live your dreams and make you feel comfortable with the person without trying to change them or thinking that they will later,” said the former queen. of beauty.

“Marry your best friend, someone who would accompany you in any circumstance and that even in bad times makes you laugh,” he added.

Jessica Newton reveals her secret to a strong marriage

Jessica Newton has been married to Fernando Sánchez de Lamadrid for several years and was encouraged to give advice to maintain a stable marriage like her, after questions from her netizens.

“With a lot of love. Respect in a relationship is basic, in 20 years we have never been unnecessarily offended with adjectives or insults, as we all have differences but it is difficult even annoyed that a day goes by without a smile,” he said.