Jessica Newton reveals her secret to maintaining her marriage: “In 20 years we have never been offended”

Former beauty queen Jessica Newton was encouraged to answer the questions of her loyal followers and revealed her secret to having so many years of marriage with Fernando Sánchez de Lamadrid.

Through his Instagram account, he replied that everything is based on respect in a relationship, because in 20 years they have never been offended despite the differences that have existed.

“How do you maintain your marital relationship?”

“With a lot of love. Respect in a relationship is basic, in 20 years we have never been unnecessarily offended with adjectives or insults, as we all have differences but it is difficult even annoyed that a day goes by without a smile,” he said.

On the other hand, it was speculated that Jessica Newton would be estranged from Magaly Medina, but everything was ruled out by the same television host, who explained why they did not spend New Years together.

“She (Jessica Newton) was more romantic. We already had a large group of people that we were with and, yes, we said hello at 12 because we were in the same city,” he said.

Jessica Newton clarifies that Alfredo Zambrano did not introduce her to her husband

Jessica Newton denied that the notary Alfredo Zambrano introduced her to her husband. According to the organizer of Miss Peru, it was a Mr. Doñato Carpio, who is also a notary public, who made her meet Fernando Sánchez de Lamadrid.

“They should learn a little more, we adore Alfredito, but we met him as a couple with Maga. By then we were already super married. Alfredo has never been a notary for Mi, “said the former beauty queen.