Jessica Newton reveals that Alfredo Zambrano introduced her to her husband: “Fer asked the notary for it”

How not to believe it. Jessica Newton is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Spain with her husband Fernando Sánchez de Lamadrid, and now she was surprised to reveal that she would have met him thanks to Alfredo Zambrano.

Everything was exposed in social networks. The former Miss Peru decided to answer some questions from her followers, and what many wanted to know was how she fell in love with her partner.

As you know, Jessica newton prefers to maintain his romance with Fernando Sánchez de Lamadrid In strict private, because he does not even have Instagram accounts or any other website but he decided to solve the question they asked him.

Without mincing words, the former beauty queen told how she had her first encounter with Spanish, and surprised with her response because it would have involved Magaly Medina’s husband, Alfredo Zambrano.

“Fer saw me on stage and asked the notary to take him up on stage, and he went to tell me that he liked it. Love at first sight without a doubt ”, was what Cassandra Sánchez’s mother said.

Although there are several notaries in Peru, Jessica newton yes I would have been talking about Alfredo ZambranoWell, this is the title by which she is best known, and she has been heard to say it before as well.

Did Magaly Medina fight with Jessica Newton ?: “We have independent lives, we are not Siamese”

Magaly medina She responded to her followers by saying that she is on vacation with her husband and that is why they no longer see her so much with Jessica newton, as well as has other friends, denying a fight between the two.

“But of course we are still friends. What happens is that we have independent lives, we are not Siamese. I also have other friends besides her who are not as public as Jessica, and I have to give them their time. In addition, I am spending vacations with my husband ”, sentenced. Is it true?