Jessica Newton stands up for Cassandra Sánchez and Deyvis Orosco: “Two boys who trust each other” [VIDEO]

He sees them in love. The former beauty queen Jessica Newton He returned to show his face for his son-in-law Deyvis Orosco and his daughter Cassandra Sánchez after criticism for the controversial images of the cumbia singer leaving a sauna after 11 hours of relaxation, then he is known for offering “tantric massages with a happy ending”. Did you send a message to Magaly Medina after her “darts”?

YOU CAN SEE: Jessica Newton HAPPY with Deyvis Orosco despite ‘ampay’ in the sauna: “Cassandra believes him because she is his wife” [VIDEO]

As it is remembered, the ‘Bomboncito de la Cumbia’ was sheltered in said place that offers various services. The host Magaly Medina was in charge of disseminating those images and sending some advice to Cassandra Sanchez. Before this. Jessica expressed that everything is going well in the relationship between her daughter and her partner. She revealed that they are both happy and that they have left honeymoon to Miami.

“I think that the fact that they are two boys with such a desire to get ahead, that they work, that they are so committed and above all they have a lot of confidence, where neither has to drown another to feel safe, is fundamental. In a couple, respect and freedom are paramount,” added Newton.

Finally, he threw ‘advice’ and a hint at ‘Urraca’. “There will be people who can say what they want, but the couple is two and I think that this is the best advice that I can give to any mother and any mother-in-law, enjoy the happiness of your children”, he expressed in America Shows.

YOU CAN SEE: Magaly ‘CUADRA’ to Jessica Newton after standing up for Deyvis Orosco: “I would defend my daughter, not my son-in-law”

Jessica Newton does not judge her son-in-law Deyvis Orosco

Through ‘Love and Fire’, Jessica Newton was consulted about Deyvis Orosco’s visit to the sauna. For this reason, the former beauty queen responded, but she asked for respect and asserted that she is nobody to judge.

“Cassandra believes him because she is his wife. and it’s not up to me to believe or not believe him, it’s up to me to respect and love him because he makes my daughter and my grandson so happy. I am not the one who has to defend him or judge him because that is the role of her partner, I am the mother-in-law, ”she added.