Jessica Newton would no longer work: “I live on the profitability of my investments” [VIDEO]

Enjoy life. The Peruvian businesswoman Jessica Newton is one of the Peruvian celebrity figures who is more active on social media to share her day-to-day life. Now, he was surprised to reveal that he would no longer work because he affirms that he lives from the “profitability of his investments”.

As it is recalled, the Director of the Miss Peru Organization started her new year on the right foot after receiving her 2022 in a luxurious restaurant with her husband Fernando Sanchez. However, days later unfortunate news came from within her loved ones.

The popular Jessica Newton revealed that her daughter Tamara tested positive for coronavirus, therefore, she could not celebrate the end of the year celebrities next to her. Also, your domestic worker Rosaura he also caught the deadly virus. However, they are both doing well at the moment.

Now, the businesswoman decided to answer some questions asked by her followers on her official Instagram account. “What do you work on other than Miss pageants?” Was one of the questions. In this regard, the public figure replied. “At this point in my life I already live from the profitability of my investments, but I love to undertake,” he said.

Everything seems to indicate that Jessica Newton only enjoys life because she would no longer have the need to work. “Are they living the life they want?” Was another question. “I do not know how to settle for less than what you want, you are giving the most valuable thing you have, your own life,” he replied.

Jessica Newton reveals how her nanny is after COVID-19 infection: “She is still in quarantine”

Jessica newton She worried her followers by first announcing that her daughter Tamara tested positive for coronavirus and then she also revealed that her nanny Rous was the same, but fortunately everything would be improving.Through her social networks, the former Miss Peru shared the capture of a news item in the one who made it known that his employee Rosaura had been infected with coronavirus, and made his discharges.

With a few short words, Jessica Newton gave details of the health of her nanny Rous, to whom she recently gave a gift, after contracting the disease, and was happy to assure that she is much better. “My Rous is fine already. She is still in quarantine, but she has already served 10 days! ”, Said the former beauty queen, revealing that the isolation that the popular Rosaura follows is only formal, and that it would not have any sequel.