Jessica Newton’s Nana and her curious reaction to seeing Deyvis and Cassandra’s baby [VIDEO]

Emotional moment. The popular ‘Rous’, Right hand of the former Miss Peru, Jessica Newton was left with her mouth open when she saw little Milan, who hours ago has just arrived in the world and brings his parents, the businesswoman, Cassandra Sánchez and the Cumbiambero as ‘crazy with happiness’, Deyvis Orosco.

Thus he let it glimpse, the director of Miss Peru in his social network, who did not hesitate to show the tender reaction of his nanny by showing him the face of his newborn grandson, Milan Orosco Sánchez de la Madrid. What happened?

Sweet Rous couldn’t hide her surprise at seeing Cassandra’s baby for the first time. The influencer’s nanny was amazed to notice that the little one’s eyes were already open, just a few hours after being born.

“Does he have open eyes? Oh, what happiness. The baby is cute! Look at his eyes, Miss Jessica! This baby is already three or four days old. Look at his eyes!”, Were the words of the lady and right hand of the model.

As expected, Newton did not hesitate to publish the tender reaction of the lady. “That’s how we all wake up … Pussies with the arrival of Milan and counting the days to have him at home,” the model wrote on her social network.

On the other hand, the cumbiambero communicated last night, Wednesday, November 17, with Magaly Medina through a video call from the clinic where his partner gave birth, and told how the arrival of his first-born Milan has been in their lives.

Magaly TV La Firme shared some excerpts from the conversation of Deyvis Orosco with the godmother of his baby, and he was radiant when he told her that he would soon show him images of it.

“I’m going to show you some photos, because Cassandra still doesn’t want her little face to be shown on television, but because I’m you I’ll show it to you,” the singer began by saying to the Magpie.

Magaly Medina the great surprise of the baby shower

Recently, the journalist from Magaly TV: The Firm your driver Magaly medina, who is known for being close friends with Cassandra Sánchez’s mother.

Both personalities have been on vacation together and get along wonderfully so the big announcement of the night would not be a surprise, where Magaly medina revealed that she is the chosen godmother.

“They had that detail of naming me godmother of the little one who is about to be born,” said the host in the last edition of her program, happy for the arrival of Milan Orosco Sánchez De Lamadrid.

Magaly Medina met Deyvis and Cassandra’s baby by video call: “He’s beautiful”

Hours before, Magaly medina He told viewers that he did get to meet little Milan, the son of Deyvis Orosco and Cassandra Sánchez, who is his godson, but made it clear that he did not record the moment, since it was something very personal.

“Yes I could see the baby, I have not recorded it, I have not passed it, but I could see her little face Jessica, I could see it, it is beautiful, I will be able to hug and cuddle it for the next few days. Congratulations to this couple who have just started their family with this baby. They are blessed by this fatherhood. Today they already began their task of parents, “he said.

Deyvis Orosco gives unpublished details of the birth of his son: “It is a magical moment”

In conversation with Magaly Medina, Deyvis Orosco revealed unpublished details and said that his little Milan was born during the early hours of yesterday, but that together with Cassandra Sanchez as a couple they waited a few hours to release the news to the media.

“I loaded it as soon as it was born, everything has been very strong. I am going to send you a photo with affection (…) We are going to tell you everything when we see each other, it is a very magical moment ”, he said, very excited.

Jessica Newton celebrates her nanny’s birthday with a gift: “May life keep smiling at you”

Jessica Newton shocked Rous by buying her a late-model television, and delivering it to her on her birthday. “Miss Jessica, really? Nooo, it’s a TV! ”, Rosaura exclaimed very excited.

“Haha, my Rous,” said the president of the Miss Peru Organization, giving a hug to her domestic worker, who burst into tears of emotion with the gift she received.

Jessica Newton decided to surprise the popular 'Rous' with a cake and a TV on her birthday, and shared it with her followers.

Deyvis Orosco and what her mother said when she learned that she would be a grandmother: “Get ready to meet the love of your life”

The singer Deyvis Orosco denied that he did not have a good relationship with his family and told how his mother reacted when she learned that he would be a father with Cassandra Sánchez de la Madrid.

“I think women experience motherhood in a different way, as is the case with Cassandra who wears it from the beginning and feels it, and that is why my mother when she found out she told me: ‘Get ready to meet the love of your life‘”, were the emotional words that the future grandmother dedicated to her son Deyvis Orosco.

Jessica Newton gives the key to the success of her friendship with Magaly Medina

Some days ago, Jessica Newton responded in their stories of Instagram about his relationship with Magaly medina without mincing words, and tactfully told his followers the details of the success of their friendship.

“Magaly Medina is a professional woman and I love her! The success of our friendship is that, when we talk about our work, it is only to advise us. Janick did not invite her either until she qualified for Miss Universe, “said the former model.

Jessica Newton proud of Janick Maceta after debut as a jury of Yo Soy Internacional: “You keep growing”

Beauty pageant mentor Jessica Newton was very excited about the accomplishments Janick Maceta has been making in her musical career, away from the catwalks.

You continue to grow and I love accompanying you in the process with Cassandra Sánchez de la Madrid“was the moving message of support that he wrote to the former Miss Peru.