Jessica Tapia responds to Magaly for minimizing her work as a journalist: “She has been hard on me”

Everything leaves it in the past. Jessica Tapia spoke after a long time about her media rivalry with Magaly Medina, who was one of her main detractors on television. The communicator, already retired from journalism, was the guest of the recent program of Veronica Linares in Youtube. In the company of her daughters, she recalled that stage of her life and referred to the ATV presenter. What did he say about her? We tell you.

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How long was Jessica Tapia abroad?

Jessica tapia returned to Peru after 10 years living abroad. The 51-year-old woman talked about a little bit of everything: from her private life to the times she made headlines. An anecdote that she highlighted about her was her chance meeting with “Urraca” in a restaurant. “I wouldn’t dream of pulling my hair out with anyone, but surely there will be those who would,” she mentioned.

Jessica Tapia walked away from television for many years. Photo: diffusion

Does Jessica Tapia hold a grudge against Magaly Medina?

Jessica Tapia He remembered the times that Magaly Medina minimized his work on television years ago. He recalled how he criticized her for reading the teleprompter when she went on screens to announce the news of the day. “It has been hard with me and in some unjustified things”he pointed.

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She added that this series of questions about her journalistic work affected her. “They criticize you for something that is a tool for all journalists. You are neither more nor less because you read or you don’t read,” said the communicator.

He stressed that this stage of his life was in his past and, currently, he downplays it. “Did they give you the cards? People criticize you, they don’t know, but it was, it’s over,” she said.