Jessica Tapia: what did she do after leaving Peruvian TV and what request did she make to Gisela Valcárcel?

At the time, Jessica Tapia she became one of the most famous journalists in our country after joining “Panorama” in 2003. After her time on Sunday, the communicator toured various programs on América TV, Latina, Canal N and she was one of the most important faces in the news. However, at the end of 2013, she left her life in her homeland to start a new stage in the United States. In this note, we tell you what the press woman did when she left Peru.

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What was Jessica Tapia working on in the United States?

After saying goodbye to Peru, Jessica Tapia started a new life in the United States. When she arrived in that country, the journalist continued working on her career, since she worked as a reporter for the Univisión network. However, after two years of working for her, she decided to focus on her family full time.

Some time later, the communicator wanted to resume her working life, but, not being a recognized figure abroad, she did not receive offers from any media, so she has thought of venturing into another field.

“The solid career I did is in another country, nobody knows about my career here, it’s not worth 5 cents. Maybe I can get another job, part-time, maybe I can sell in a cafeteria or sell clothes, ”he told Trome.

Jessica Tapia has lived in the United States since 2013. Photo: Jessica Tapia/Instagram

Jessica Tapia asks Gisela Valcárcel

Seeing her few chances of working in the US, Jessica Tapia made a curious request to Gisela Valcárcel and assured that she would be willing to return to Peru to be part of a national television production.

“Gisela, call me! Ha ha ha. Or America TV, I’m here! Ha ha ha. I have the best memories of my work on Peruvian television. There are very valuable people in front of and behind the cameras,” she expressed.

Jessica Tapia revealed that, currently, she does not work in her profession and is focused on her family. Photo: composition LR

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Jessica Tapia went through depression in the United States

After five years in the United States and after being focused solely on raising her children, Jessica Tapia revealed that she suffered from depression having disconnected from her career and her other activities that were part of her life.

“I was wondering where the successful one is, the glamorous one (…). Now I think not only about diapers, what we will do for lunch. I began to feel an emptiness (…). She was home all day. That gave me a picture of depression (…). It happens in women who have been professionals, who have been moderately successful, who decided, in an act of enormous detachment, to leave their career to take care of their home, ”she told Trome.

Jessica Tapia talks about her experiences after moving to the US. Photo: composition LR