Jesús Alzamora: Who is his wife María Paz and how their love story began

Long live love! The television host Jesús Alzamora and María Paz Gonzales Vigil are one of the most solid married couples in Peruvian entertainment. But a few days ago we learned that the presenter’s wife was infected with COVID-19 and sent him a tender message for staying with her in this difficult moment that he had to live.

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Even if Jesus He is a public figure and has always wanted to keep his family affairs private but many of his followers have begun to question what his wife does and how they met, so today in The popular We will tell you everything that we both know.

Who is María Paz Gonzales?

Maria Paz Gonzales Vigil She is a renowned Peruvian model who nowadays ventures as a youtuber since she has her own channel called Pazita. On this platform, she has more than 9 thousand subscribers and touches on topics such as sexology, her daily routine and her experience as a new mother.

According to the information provided on his social networks, he is a travel lover. In the photographs published by the wife of Jesus Alzamora You can see that he enjoys beach trips, as well as showing that a few weeks ago he had a cruise trip with his family.

How did Jesús and María Paz meet?

The presenter and the model met in 2012 during an event held in Lima, when Jesús was encouraged to interview her but moments later he gathered the strength to ask for her number even though he did not know it was for him.

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“The cameraman just wanted to make some videos and he said ‘ask me for the phone Maria Paz‘and obviously I asked him. She thought she was giving the phone to the cameraman but she was giving it to me, “said the magician in an interview with Magaly Medina.

From that moment they began to frequent and after several outings they made their relationship official but an ampay that was made public in Magaly’s magazine all of Peru found out that they had a relationship.

“It was not ampay, we were already dating, it was like something that made us public without expecting it, without wanting to,” said the driver among his wife’s roses Maria Paz.

In 2016 little Vicente arrived to give his family more happiness and two years later they decided to get married in an intimate ceremony that only his family and close friends attended.