Jhay Cortez relives his conflict with Rauw Alejandro with the premiere of “Enterrauw”

The singer Jhay cortez He is once again the subject of discussion in the press internationally after releasing his new song “Enterrauw”, a subject that would be addressed to his colleague Rauw Alexander. Both artists have made their rivalry public, and this would be the evidence that it is still valid.

The song premiered on Tuesday, December 28. The song has already accumulated more than a million views and more than 230 thousand ‘likes’ on YouTube.

Phrases like “Hey, stop that false machismo and that false humility” and “Why don’t you say they put like three million in a campaign (of publicity) for each song?” They have made fans of the genre clash.

The dispute between the two began with the premiere of “Si Pepe remix”, a song in which they collaborated. Jhay Cortez’s verse was the one that caught the public’s attention the most, since it makes references to Rauw and his performance in the music industry.

Although he did not say the name of his colleague, he did mention details such as the albums Aphrodisíaco and Vice versa or the way in which the interpreter of “Cúrame” dances during his presentations.

According to the portal La Voz.vip, Cortez clarified in September that the problem between the two began due to personal issues. However, it has become clear that this dilemma is already part of the musical history of musicians.

The singer revealed his discomfort regarding the alleged mention of Rosalía in the musical theme, that added to the rest of the provocations that Jhay Cortez made referring to Rosalía’s partner.

Through his Twitter account, Rauw made it clear what his position would be. “Women respect each other. Sucker! Let’s go over there, ”he wrote.