Jimmy Santi affirms that returning from Mexico to Peru was the worst mistake of his life: As an artist, I buried myself

Jimmy Santi is one of the most representative figures of our local entertainment. His fame gained notoriety when he began to stand out as a singer of the ‘New wave’, which had great heyday between the 1960s and 1970s. During an interview with Carlos Carlín, on his YouTube channel, the interpreter shared some experiences from his golden years in Mexico.

the famed ‘Chin Chin’ He mentioned that, during his stay in Mexico, he was in very important moments with Verónica Castro and José José, when they were just beginning in the artistic environment. However, she was surprised to ensure that she “buried” her musical career when she decided to return to Peru.

In the middle of the conversation he had with Carlos Carlín, the singer said that he had a close friendship with Verónica Castro when he started in soap operas and that he was also present when José José sang his emblematic song “El triste” and assured that he had known the famous Prince since before becoming known.

Therefore, after recounting his experiences during the 21 years he lived in Mexico, the actor asked him: “Is it true that you have said at some point that coming to Peru was the worst decision of your life?”

Without thinking twice, Jimmy Santi affirmed and assured that it was a mistake to return from the charro country: “Yes, as an artist, I buried myself” answered.

Likewise, in another part of the interview, Jimmy Santi assured that Tania Libertad has not had as much screen in our country, unlike Susana Baca.

“They only hit a lady I’ve never seen sing and she just laughs (Susana Baca). She must have made a career abroad, because I don’t think what the press says is a lie “ said.