“Jirón del humor” and the tribute he paid to La Bibi in an emotional sketch with Jhonny Carpincho

One of the most anticipated premieres by the Peruvian public was that of “Sliver of humor”, on the last Saturday, April 15, and which was broadcast on Latina Televisión. After 20 years away from the screens, the traveling comedians They have been able to gain recognition on other platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. With a great reception from the public, during their program, they presented funny sketches, among which the performance of Jhonny Carpincho with Chino Risas stood out in a sequence in which the well-remembered La Bibi participated.

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“Jirón del Humor”: what was the tribute to La Bibi?

As you remember, Luis Campos Aliaga And his brother, Miguel Campos, They were the duo of the moment in the 90s and they gained recognition from the people with their characters Jhonny Carpincho and La Bibi, respectively. But Miguel passed away from COVID-19 in October 2020 and, with him, also the character he played. However, in the “Sliver of humor”, Jhonny Carpincho revived the sketch he was playing with his brother, this time with Chino Risas in the role of La Bibi.

Jhonny remembered La Bibi in a fun sketch. Photo: capture/@BibiJhonny

In this sequence, the adventures of these characters are revived in which Johnny Carpincho and his partner, La Bibi, go to a stadium and in the audience are characters played by Dorita Orbegoso, ‘Pato’ Ovalle and others. Before this tribute, the comedian Luis Campos could not avoid the emotion after learning that he would be part of “Sliver of Humor”. “Excited to be once again in this beautiful house, Latina. Thank you for this opportunity, I feel very happy (…) If I keep talking, I’m going to cry. Thank you, I know my brother will be very happy,” express.