“Jirón del humor” LIVE by Latina: when and at what time does the comedy show premiere?

shred of humor“, the new comedy show from Latina TV that brings back the most remembered street comedians of the 90s, is almost nothing away from debuting on the small screen. The new comedy proposal will have in its ranks different street comedians with wide Next, we will tell you everything you need to know so as not to miss the incidents of the new program that will be the direct competition of “JB en ATV”.

When does “Jirón del humor” PREMIERE?

“Jirón del humor” will premiere its first program this Saturday, April 15 on Latina TV, just after the program “Sábados en familia”. This space led by Chino Risas is not only called the competition of “JB en ATV” but also “El reventonazo de la Chola”.

“Jirón del humor” impresses with the first images of its expected premiere. Photo: Latina/Facebook

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What time to see “Jirón del humor” LIVE?

To follow the details of the return of the traveling comics to TV in “shred of humor“, you must tune in to the program at 8.00 pm

How to see “Jirón del humor” FREE ONLINE?

If you want to follow the minute by minute program “Jirón del humor” FREE ONLINE, you must enter the web https://www.latina.pe/ and go to the upper right part of the screen of your device to click on Latina live. Entering that section, you will be able to appreciate the live signal of Latina.

What is “Jirón del humor” about?

“Jirón del humor” is the new humorous space that Latina TV has been promoting for a few months. It is known that it will be made up of a group of traveling comedians led by Chino Risas.

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The subject of the sketches that they will offer in their pilot program is still unknown; however, they are utterly determined to wow their audiences again, just as they did in the late ’90s.

Felpudini is happy with the next premiere of “Jirón del humor”. Photo: Composition LR/El Popular/Capture Latina