Joaquín Sabina hopes to return “soon” to the stage

Joaquín Sabina, who received the Latin Grammy Award for Musical Excellence on Wednesday, assured Efe that he hopes to return “soon” to the stage after about two years away from concerts due to the pandemic and its physical mishaps.

Sabina was one of the artists honored with this honorary award given each year by the Latin Recording Academy during the week of the Latin Grammy, whose gala will be held tomorrow Thursday in Las Vegas (USA).

On the red carpet prior to the event, Sabina insisted on her intention to wait until the pandemic is better controlled to return to live performances.

“I have a plan to record. And I have a plan to return (to the concerts) when people are not wearing masks and there can be a more lively dialogue with the public, “he explained.

Asked then about whether his followers will have to wait a little longer to see him again, Sabina nodded but stressed that he hopes to return “soon” to give concerts.

Sabina gave her last recital to date on February 12, 2020 – her birthday – when her concert with Joan Manuel Serrat in Madrid had to be suspended due to a fall from the stage of the Andalusian musician.

At first it seemed like an accident without major consequences, but days later Sabina had to undergo surgery to have an intracranial hematoma removed.

On the other hand, his “plan to record” new music confirms what Leiva, producer of Sabina’s album “I deny everything” (2017), already told Efe in November 2020.

“He (Sabina) asked me if I wanted to make another album together. My answer was yes, but we will have to see the songs we have and be responsible to overcome what we have already done ”, Leiva said then.

In another sense, Sabina was very proud and happy today to receive this honorary award from the Latin Grammy and said that it is “a great pleasure” to do it “in such a crazy city” like Las Vegas.

“You meet here with friends, colleagues and, above all, you meet the music,” he said.

He also described as a “miracle” and “wonder” that “Latin music is colonizing the colonizers.”

Sabina received this distinction along with other great figures such as Fito Páez, Martinho da Vila, Emmanuel, Sheila E. & Pete Escovedo, Milly Quezada and Gilberto Santa Rosa.

The Spaniard was “especially” happy to win this award at the same time as Páez, with whom he had a famous feud at the end of the 90s that is now a thing of the past.

“I haven’t seen him for a long time. I met him on the plane coming from Miami and it was a great joy ”, said Sabina.