Joe Arroyo and the new Netflix release: ‘Rebelión’, the film that reveals details about the life of the salsa singer

After almost twelve years since the salsa singer Joe Arroyo passed into eternity, Netflix launched ‘Rebellion‘, a film inspired by the life of the singer that was released in theaters in 2022 and screened at the International Carnival of the Arts.

Precisely, this film, directed by the Bogota native Jose Luis Rugeles and starring Jhon Narváez from Cartagena, was based on what Mauricio Silva narrated in his book “Who Killed Joe?”.

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“The film was originally based on the book by Mauricio Silva and he gave us many anecdotes, then we understood that it couldn’t be a movie of anecdotes and not from the fan’s point of view. The film is more a speculation of the genius in solitude”, explained the director at the arts festival.

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What is ‘Rebellion’ about?

The tape tells the life of the singer from Cartagena, Colombia, in his moments of solitude. In that sense, the story will take place in the different hotel rooms in which Joe spent the night during his countless musical tours.

In the film we will also see how loneliness eats away at Joe’s soul to the point of even sabotaging everything he loves and what he is good at.

“It is a timeless exploration of his life, an adventure into the dark and lonely place where Joe’s talent was at its rawest and his emotions and impulses were free. The story takes place in hotel rooms in different cities plagued by Joe’s chaos. They could all be in the same room and barely contain Joe’s agony at watching him sabotage everything he loves,” the synopsis reads.

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When can I see ‘Rebellion’ on Netflix?

The movie about Joe Arroyo came to Netflix last May 19. However, a few days ago it became a trend due to the strong message behind the multiple scenes.

The film was even awarded in the 26th edition of the Black Nights Film Festival Developed in Tallinn, Estonia, where it took the Rebels Award. According to the jury, “the film transcended the limitations of its genre with a combination of acting, storytelling, cinematography and music.”

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What happened to Joe Arroyo?

Alvaro Jose Arroyo Gonzalezknown to all salsa fans as Joe Arroyo, was a Colombian singer-songwriter considered one of the greatest exponents and precursors of tropical music in Latin America.

Among his songs that have marked the history of Latin music and that are heard at all parties are “La rebelión”, “Tania”, “In Barranquilla I stay”“The absentee”, “Tumbatecho”, “The night” and more.

The winner of 18 gold congos, 4 super congos at the Barranquilla Carnival Orchestras festival and a Latin Grammy for best singer/songwriter met death at the age of 55.

On July 26, 2011, Colombian music mourned the announcement of the death of the salsa icon as a result of cardiorespiratory arrest as a result of multiple organ failure. According to what was reported by the newspaper El Espectador, the singer had been admitted to the ICU since June 27 of that year after his health began to deteriorate.