Johanna San Miguel denies that romances in “EEG” are armed: “It has never happened”

Since the start of the program “This is war”the host Johanna San Miguel took advantage of a few minutes to defend the competition reality show and ensure that, unlike “Combat”, they had never built any romance between their competitors. In this sense, he asked Mario Irivarren, who has a podcast together with “China” Fabianne Hayashida, in which ex-combatants have revealed that there were armed affairs during their participation in the ATV space, to clarify the situation in America TV.

Users point to “EEG” for wanting to create a romance between Gino Assereto and Nadia Collantes. Photo: America TV

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Johanna San Miguel assures that romances in “EEG” have always been real

The actress denied that the producer of the space has asked the competitors to pretend to feel love for each other. “On the subject of the ‘armani’, of the romances, we have years in ‘This is war’ and something that we boast of here is that we have never armed the romances or approaches,” she said.

He also referred to the former reality boys of “Combate” who revealed that they were marked by love affairs in production. “Let’s be honest and without bothering anyone, the ex-combatants have stated on various occasions that they did mark the romance. They have even said it several times on Mario Irivarren’s program,” he said and asked Mario if any warrior had passed through his space to say that “EEG” made him a sentimental bond.

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What did Mario Irivarren reply to Johanna San Miguel?

Irivarren immediately denied it and stated: “Here another mechanic is handled.” In addition, he added that Peter Fajardo, his producer, had not “forced” them into anything. Johanna San Miguel agreed with him and stressed the following: “We say it because the public can be confused. Our producer is very clear about it and always tells us: ‘You do what comes from your heart because I don’t want another program to say that the producer told them to do something.’ That’s never happened.”