Johanna San Miguel slaps Pancho Rodríguez LIVE: “Vase” [VIDEO]

It got out of hand! Tonight, Thursday November 24, johanna san michael slapped Pancho Rodríguez LIVE after hearing that he broke up with his Chilean partner Chris, after several months of relationship. These words did not agree with the host of “This is war” that she came up to yell “vase” and that she is in “hunting” mode.

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This happened in the middle of one of the question and answer games. panchito I had to guess if a soap opera scene ended in a kiss. The reality boy said that he felt identified because he is not going through a good sentimental moment. “So much so that you are romantic. What is your sentimental status?” Asked the ‘chata’.

“It’s better that you say it before your teammates say it, then don’t give up,” added the remembered ‘mama lioness’. At that time, the friend of Yahaira Plasencia He replied that he is single. “All men say that. Wait for me a while, and meanwhile you’re with a lot and this goes to you (slaps) for a vase!”.

Finally, Johanna He continued talking about the love life of the member of the “Combatientes”. “In short, you are alone, but not single. He finished with the Chilean and that’s it. You’re married!” he shouted LIVE. Pancho did not know where to put his head and accepted everything the television presenter said in ‘This is war’.

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Pancho Rodríguez: “I’m not looking for anyone”

Tonight, pancho rodriguez He confirmed that he is without a partner, after stating that he ended his relationship with the Chilean model and influencer, with whom he fell in love when he could not return to our country. Although they wanted to have a long-distance relationship, they decided to continue their lives separately and remain friends.

“Yes, I’m alone,” he said LIVE on ‘This is war’. When asked if he is looking for a new woman to come into his life, he said: “No, I’m not looking for anyone.” It is worth mentioning that the blonde Chris He was with the reality boy in the most difficult moments of his life for not being able to return to Lima.