John Kelvin and Dalia Durán would resume their relationship, according to the seer: “She loves him”

A few days ago, the Cuban Dalia Durán surprised all Peruvians by asking for the release of her ex-partner John Kelvin, who is in jail due to a complaint of physical and psychological violence that she filed in the middle of this year.

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Faced with this news, The popular He decided to communicate with the seer Yanely to find out what the cumbiambero will have in store for this 2022 and if he will regain his relationship with the mother of his children, after the rumor that they are still in contact and it was even announced that he would have sent her flowers by his birthday.

The specialist in reading letters said that by 2022 the singer would have an opportunity to get out of prison if he knows how to take advantage of it.

“Here (in the letters) a door opens to John kelvin so that he is released. There is a possibility ”, expressed the fortune teller when we asked him if the artist would be released.

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On the other hand, he argued that John and dahlia They would give each other one more chance in love, so they would resume their relationship despite the fact that many people begin to criticize their actions.

“There is love here, he loves her and she loves him too and there are children involved (…) Of course they would resume the relationship,” said the seer Yanely.

Psychologist analyzes Dalia Durán: “It is difficult for a victim to let go of his aggressor”

Dalia Duran finds himself in the eye of the storm after calling for the release of John kelvin despite her physical and psychological aggressions, and therefore a psychologist took the opportunity to analyze her.

The psychologist assured that the Cuban’s statements about the cumbiambero would be due to several factors. “He has been in an unhealthy relationship and it is not easy to break with this. (…) It is difficult for a victim to let go of his aggressor,” he said.