John Kelvin DENIES having talked with Dalia Durán in an interview with Peluchín and Gigi Miter [VIDEO]

Singer John Kelvin was in “Love and Fire” where he was interviewed after images were obtained with Dalia Durán given after attending a Conciliation Center. Given this, the cumbiambero denied having spoken personally with her.

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“We have not talked, we have only seen each other and I apologized from the first moment,” he said. john kelvinwho also reminded Dahlia Duran. “Dalia is not only the mother of my children, she was my best friend, my confidant and my partner for a long time,” she added.

Secondly, Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter they asked him if Dahlia Duran he forgave him, but the way he responded annoyed Peluchín, asking him not to include God. “She told me that she is not the one to forgive me and if God is giving me a chance, I have the right to start over,” was what he said John Kelvin.

Secondly, Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter They asked him how he feels about Dalia Durán, after he said that he doesn’t know how his ex-wife feels about him. “We have signed a divorce. I stopped loving Dalia many years ago. At some point I loved her, there was a lot of affection. That there was more habit than love, too. That it also ended, that I made a mistake, too.”

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John Kelvin in an interview with Amor y Fuego

After not having given any interview to any media, john kelvin appeared this Thursday, November 24, on the “Amor y Fuego” program and was interviewed by Gigi Miter and Rodrigo González.

Let’s remember that the cumbia singer john kelvin He was imprisoned in the Lurigancho prison for having assaulted the Cuban Dalia Durán and was recently released after spending 15 months in prison.