John Kelvin FORCED himself to give Pity live, but not a tear comes out: “I was guilty” [VIDEO]

John Kelvin arrived on the set of “Love and Fire” for his first television interview after being released from prison, where he was held for 15 months for physically assaulting Dalia Durán. in statements with Gigi Miter and Rodrigo González, the cumbiambero tried to show regret, but no tears came out.

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It all happened when john kelvin he narrated his passage through the Lurigancho prison, where he was confined after being sentenced in the first instance to 21 years in prison, although later in the second instance he managed to get the Judiciary to request his release.

“All of this was hard for me. I do not come here in order to victimize myself. I was guilty and I accepted it. There is no excuse in what I did and I paid for it, and I paid dearly for it. If I was blind when I was free, I could have been dead, being inside (prison) I could see, but I could also have been dead,” he said. john kelvin in an interview with “Love and Fire”.

next, john kelvin He tried to be sensitive and pitiful, but at no time was he able to shed a tear, even though his voice seemed as if he was going to, and then explain why he didn’t ask for forgiveness.

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Why didn’t John Kelvin include Dalia Durán in his song?

Cumbia singer John Kelvin was interviewed by Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter, who asked him why he did not apologize to the Cuban Dalia Durán in his last song. Given this, he said that he took her off the subject because he saw that she was talking about him.

This answer surprised Rodrigo Gonzalezwho told him that one should ask for forgiveness regardless of what the other person does, because that is what one who is repentant does.