John Kelvin will appear in “Love and Fire”, but users get angry: “Too bad, don’t give him a screen”

Controversial return to TV. Through social networks it was learned that the singer john kelvin who was confined in a prison for almost a year after being accused of having assaulted his ex-partner Dalia Durán will give a live interview to the program “Amor y fuego” this Thursday, November 24.

The news of its presence in Willax has drawn attention, and various users have raised their voices in rejection of this announcement.

On his Instagram account, the program “Love and Fire” He surprised his followers by posting a trailer video for his new show.

In the clip, John Kelvin can be seen saying that this will be his opportunity to tell his version of events in front of the presenters Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter, about the legal process that Dalia Durán launched against him and that finally led him to prison.

“They accuse me of being a manipulator, it’s finally my turn to tell my truth,” said the singer, who was released on October 25, after his sentence to spend 21 years in prison was revoked.

The news of John Kelvin’s meeting with Peluchín and Gigi Miter has caused a stir on social networks. Various Internet users expressed their annoyance and rejection upon learning that the artist will have a few minutes on national television.

“Too bad they shouldn’t give that man a screen”, “Don’t give either of them a screen”, “Why are they going to give him more screen”, “He’s a stickler, what else is he going to say?”, “ The real antics, how they make fun of the naive people who believe them ”, were some of the comments.