John Kelvin will continue in prison and Dalia Durán reacts: “For all the damage, it seems the fairest thing to do”

The singer John Kelvin will continue to be held in the Lurigancho prison by decision of the Power of attorney. It turns out that the Criminal Court of Appeals He declared unfounded the appeal that his legal defense presented to revoke the preventive detention that weighed against him, for attacks on Dalia Durán.

That’s why, Dahlia Duran She was happy that her attacker is still in prison. “It seems fair to me that he remains in prison. I am not going to forgive that man for all the damage he has caused us, only God can forgive him, ”she said.

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“I still feel pain because it is reliving the same thing, but not for him,” he added. Dalia said that she continues with psychological therapies to recover. “But what I can say is that I am strong. Here there is no manipulation or crying that matters to me, only my children ”, she concluded.

In the case of john kelvin, there were 3 judges who took decisions based on his case, with only one arguing that the singer should be released and appear. Since the other two supported a different request, it was resolved that the attacker of his ex-partner continue under the roof of a prison.

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Until what date will John Kelvin be in prison?

The accused by the mother of his children of verbal aggression, would spend 9 months incarcerated for the preventive detention that weighs in his name, his release would take place on November 6, 2023.

Jonathan Sarmiento Llanto was not released for more than 4 months, since he served a 1-year sentence for physical violence against Dalia Durán and was acquitted of the crime of rape for which he could have had a 20-year sentence.