John Kelvin would be released TODAY, according to his lawyer: “We have found evidence that he did not commit a crime”

I could go free. Today, a local media spoke with Ricardo Franco de la Cuba, lawyer for John Kelvin, to find out how the situation of his client is going. However, no one expected him to announce his possible release for TODAY from Lurigancho Prisonwhere he is locked up months ago.

Their confrontation began in July 2021, when the Cuban singer revealed that the cumbiambero beat her and sexually abused her. To date, the couple continues to see each other in court. John Kelvin is in prison and Dahlia Duran He faces accusations of mistreatment against his own children.

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Your freedom is being requested. In the first release from prison we were surprised because they gave us two hours to defend him and in this second request we have debated new evidence, because the commissioner, the psychologist, declared,” he said. Franco of the Cuba for daily Trome. further alleges that: “We have found a lot of evidence that he did not commit the crime and the judge will resolve the request in 48 hours”

When the lawyer was consulted if there is a possibility that john kelvin go free today Ricardo Franco de la Cuba He replied: “Yes, it could be today, for the judge to determine if John will continue the trial in prison or in freedom.

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Dalia Durán calls Kelvin’s lawyer a smoke dealer

At the beginning of this month, Dahlia Duran spoke out to attack Ricardo Franco de la Cuba, lawyer for John Kelvinfor allegedly “selling smoke” because let’s remember that at the beginning of May the possibility that the cumbiambero would leave the preventive prison that he has been serving.

The singer is confined in the Lurigancho Prison almost two months ago after being found guilty of the crime of assault, under the modality of psychological violence and disobedience to authority to the detriment of the mother of his children.

“I said several times that it is impossible (for John Kelvin to get out of jail) because it has no foundation, there is a lot of evidence against him”he assured in statements to the newspaper El Popular, When asked if he felt that justice was on his side, he explained that John Kelvin is solely responsible for his situation.

Dalia Durán reveals that John Kelvin’s lawyer has complaints against him

On the other hand, at the beginning of May, Dahlia Duranthe ex-partner of john kelvinannounced that the singer’s lawyer also has “rags” against him, since he has a lawsuit and complaints from different authorities.

“(The lawyer) is in the crosshairs, he has a complaint from the judge, from the same prosecutor (who is following the case) and from the study that represents me,” he said. Duran.

Dalia Durán points out that any relative of John Kelvin is prohibited from approaching her

The model Dahlia Duranwho was a partner of john kelvinpointed out that no member of the singer’s family can approach her because there is a rule that prohibits them after the artist was sued for violence against her.

“No one speaks, everyone is silent. Why does she refuse if she says that she has nothing to hide. We all (her and her children) have protection measures, there are many things that people do not know, “he said. Dahlia.