Johnny Ventura and Johnny Pacheco in the memory of Rubén Blades

The singer and composer, Rubén Blades once again seduced the city of skyscrapers, during a concert full of nostalgia, salsa, swing and jazz in which, in addition, he recalled the legacy of two Dominican icons: Johnny Ventura and Johnny Pacheco.

Blades, who had a single presentation at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden last Thursday, the 2nd, included in his repertoire the song “Todos Volver”, by the Peruvian author and composer Cesar Miró, on a stage where large images were projected. scale of Ventura and Pacheco, as well as the singer José José and the Puerto Rican musicians Cheo Feliciano and Tito Rojas, among others.

“Death only begins with oblivion, as long as we remember them they will live,” said Blades during his emotional performance.

The reunion of the Latin music legend with the New York public was undoubtedly memorable. And it is that Blades, creator of an extensive narrative and musical work, placed himself on a different path from the rhythm that he has embraced for around five decades.

The 73-year-old artist sang emblematic salsa songs and they are, among which are “Paula C.”, “Pedro Navaja”, “Pablo pueblo” and “Ligia Elena” and also managed to masterfully unfold to interpret in English standards of the it was swinging like “Watch What Happens”, a song known on the voices of Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett.

The function, which had as a special guest the American singer and actress Luba Mason, Blades’s wife, also recorded an anecdote from Johnny Pacheco, who at that time was directing the Fania All Stars.

“I composed the song Juan Pachanga with arrangements by Louie Ramírez and Pacheco liked it, so we agreed that the song would be in a future Fania production. The fate of the song changed one day in 1977 when I was already preparing everything for someone else to record it, but that person was late. Suddenly, Pacheco said that he didn’t wait another minute and asked me to come into the studio and record the song, that’s how fortunately I ended up singing it, unexpectedly, “he recalled about the song that became a hit.

The singer, recently named Person of the Year by the Latin Recording Academy, made a stop in the city as part of the ‘Salswing Tour’, the eponymous of his most recent album “Salswing!”, A retrospective proposal with which It travels through eight of the main cities in the United States and for which he received the album of the year award from the aforementioned academy.

Blades, winner of 10 Latin Grammy who resides in New York, was awarded twice during that same installment in which he also won the award for best salsa album for “Salsa Plus”, both albums released together with the Panamanian Roberto Delgado and his orchestra.

Roberto Delgado and his Big Band accompanied him on stage, revealing a high caliber dumbbell that earned them the most fervent ovations throughout the concert.

But this isn’t the first time that Harvard Law School graduate Blades has flirted with jazz and swing. Blades has explored the links between Afro-Cuban music and jazz on other occasions and in 2004 it was possible to see you on stage with the famous Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center orchestra.

The multifaceted artist is unstoppable these days not only with the tour that occupies him these days, but also with his role as an actor. Blades, who among his acting credits records his participation in the tapes “Safe House”, “Spin”, “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” and “The Counselor”, among others, took the opportunity to remember during the concert that it is possible to see him also immersed in a world of zombies in the skin of the character, ‘Daniel Salazar’ in the seventh season of the series “Fear The Walking Dead”.

“There is a lot of excitement this season, a lot of action, you can’t miss it,” he concluded.