Jonathan Maicelo after starring in ampay with Samantha Batallanos: I knew she had a boyfriend

Jonathan Maicelo he starred in an ampay again. This time, the boxer generated covers not for winning a boxing tournament but for being captured, through the cameras of “Magaly TV, the firm”, while he kissed the former Miss Grand International Samantha Battle us.

In the report of “Magaly TV, the firm”, Samantha Batallanos can be seen kissing Duilio Vallebuona and, in less than 24 hours, doing the same with Jonathan Maicelo.

The reporter from “Magaly TV, the firm” contacted the Peruvian boxer Jonathan Maicelo to give his statements about what happened with Samantha Batallanos. As he revealed, he knew that the beauty queen was with a partner.

“She (Samantha Batallanos) has a boyfriend as far as I know,” said Jonathan Maicelo in a conversation via WhatsApp with the communicator.

About his relationship with the Peruvian model, the boxer did not want to provide details. “I’m not saying anything about that … I didn’t know she was media,” he concluded.

Magaly Medina revealed in her program that Samantha Batallanos implored her reporter not to broadcast the images of the ampay that she starred in with Duilio Vallebuona and Jonathan Maicelo.

“Today we have you in some pictures with Jonathan Maicelo, training and kissing you. Are they a couple?” Was the question of ‘Urraco’. “Don’t bring that up, please, I’m skinny, I’m asking you as a favor,” she replied. former Miss Grand International.

When asked about her partner, Batallanos preferred to remain silent. “I do not want to give details, I prefer to talk at another time,” she replied.