Jonathan Maicelo speaks out after ampay with Samantha Batallanos and admits: “She has her boyfriend” [VIDEO]

He recognized it. Samantha Batallanos is on everyone’s lips after starring in a double ampay, kissing Duilio Vallebuona one day and Jonathan Maicelo the next, so many wanted to know the defenses of these two men, and did not wait for what the boxer would say.

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After evidencing that the model is affectionate with both, a reporter from Magaly TV The Firm He looked for the boxer and in a conversation broadcast last night, Tuesday, November 22, he made his position clear through WhatsApp chats.

Before the issuance of the ampay, Jonathan Maircelo He spoke with everything before the ‘Urraco’ of Magaly Medina and admitted that he was aware that Samantha Batallanos had a romantic relationship. “She (by Samantha Batallanos) has her boyfriend as far as I know,” she said.

When asked if he was the lover in this situation, the athlete washed his hands and did not want to go into details. “I’m not saying anything like that,” he said, to later make it clear that he did not know if Duilio Vallebuona was the couple in question.

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Jonathan Maicelo swears he did not know who Samantha Batallanos was

This situation caught the attention of the reporter from Magaly Medinawho continued to question Jonathan Maiceloand made it clear that Samantha Batallanos was a well-known person, just like duilio vallebuonawhich is an ex-reality boy.

Despite this, the well-known “batedía” swore that he did not know who was the model that once represented Peru in the Miss Grand International. “I did not know that she was mediatic. I have no idea, ”he sentenced.