Jonathan Rojas kicks out Walter Yaipén and reveals he did not support him when his career was growing: “That’s why I didn’t renew”

The singer Jonathan Rojas is one of the representative voices of the peruvian cumbia. His passage through the Yaipen Brothers led him to be one of the most recognized national singers of the genre, earning a large fan base from the 2009 to the 2013time in which he was in the orchestra.

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However, after four years of having been at the forefront of the group, Jonathan -recently- broke his silence and told the real reason for his departure, exposing Walter Yaipenone of the directors and musicians of the group.

red revealed that he had television proposals (back then”The big show” of Gisela Valcárcel) just when his musical career was growing, but that he did not renew his contract because he felt that Walter it did not support him in his transcendental stage in the face of the opportunities that were being presented to him.

“I wanted to grow, I was little by little giving pulse to this career and there I felt like on the one hand Walter did not give me that support and like I did not revive because I told him ‘Don Walter, up to here no more, I already took my decision’ And he wanted to talk to me again to talk about this and I told him: ‘No, I already made my decision,'” he said. Jonathan Rojas on the channel Youtube from Carlos Orozco, where he was interviewed.

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Jonathan Rojas says that Walter Yaipén did not want him to go to Gisela Valcárcel’s reality show

Jonathan Rojas also spoke during an interview on Youtube who decided to make the leap from the musical stages to the television scenarios because it was a good impulse for his career, which was beginning to grow.

Sitting in front of Carlos Orozco, red made some confessions that are linked to Walter Yaipenindicating that he director of “Yaipen Brothers“I didn’t want him to get to the program Gisela ValcárcelThe big show“.

“(…) I did not want to renew because I already had proposals on the other side in what is television, to enter a program. And at one point, Walter had his reasons why he did not want me to go, “he said Jonathan.