Jorge Cuba will not speak more of Melissa Paredes: “I am going to respect her, she is the mother of my granddaughter”

Melissa Paredes He visited the set of Women in command again and again referred to the new life that he has created after his mediatic separation from Rodrigo Cuba. In his television appearance, he claimed to be happy.

The hosts of the program asked him various questions about his untimely departure from América Televisión, the conciliation he reached regarding the possession of his daughter and his relationship with the dancer. In addition, they presented the statements of the father of the popular ‘Gato’ Cuba.

Jorge Cuba He spoke for the first time about the new relationship that his son, Rodrigo Cuba, started with the young businesswoman Ale Venturo. In communication with Women in command, he affirmed that he was a witness to the happiness of his son and when consulted by Melissa Paredes, he decided not to testify.

“I am going to respect Melissa because she is the mother of my granddaughter. I’m not going to give an opinion for or against. I am not going to demonstrate because I said that I would not speak more about that, “he said.

However, the father of a Sport Boys player did declare about Ale Venturo the young entrepreneur who conquered the heart of his son. Jorge Cuba revealed that he is happy with this new union, since he can notice a change of attitude in the ‘Cat’.

“I have seen in the media that videos and photos have come out. He looks happy, I can comment on what I have seen. I see my son happy ”, said the popular ‘Don Gato’.