Jorge Cuba would approve romance between Gato Cuba and Ale Venturo, according to Brunella: “She is a businesswoman”

Rumors are spreading. After it was made public that Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo would be out or even have already formalized a romantic relationship, it was speculated that the footballer’s father would have already given them his blessing.

Remember it was the same businessman the one who revealed that she usually sees who her son is related to: “I took an X-ray of her, I wanted to see who my son was going to marry. I know well where she comes from, how she has grown and how she has developed. I mean what is the world she comes from, the world of entertainment, “he said at the time about his ex-wife Melissa Paredes.

That is why the television conductors Jazmín Pinedo and Brunella Horna ventured to assure that ‘Don Gato’ would have already given his blessing to his son’s romance and Ale Venturo.

I think so, pass the qualities that he requires. She is not from television, she is a businesswoman, she does not like scandals, she helps him eat fit, he is doing well, “said the ‘Baby Brune ‘.

Hermano del Gato Cuba to Melissa Paredes: “Thanks to those who left, they allowed others to come”

Jorge, Rodrigo Cuba‘s brother, shared a striking New Year’s message that would be a hint to Melissa Paredes, and a welcome to Ale Venturo.

“Personally, thanks to life for the good, the bad, what was and also what was not. To those who are always in good times and bad. To those who left because they allowed others to come. To those who being far away they try to be close, “he added.