José ‘Patrón’ Velásquez on Farfán and Guerrero: “Retreat now, don’t be bad”

Jefferson Farfan Y Paolo Guerrero They are two of the best national players that have come out in recent years. On the one hand, the ‘Foquita’ shone in all the teams in which he was, while the ‘Predator’ did the same. Likewise, both are historical in the Peruvian team and were important for the much-remembered return to the World Cup after more than 30 years.

Today, both are in the twilight of their careers and, given this, Jose Velasquez also known as the ‘Patron’, he left advice for both of them.

“Well, actually Farfán has already had the opportunity to play abroad, just like Paolo Guerrero. I think that they should now try to retire, because they are old enough to retire. About money, I think they have plenty, that’s why it’s better to stay in everything they’ve done than to play injured, I don’t think so. If they listen to me, I tell them, please, leave now, don’t be mean (he said between laughs) “ started in dialogue for Willax.

The ‘Patrón’ also commented on the physical condition of the ‘Foquita’ in the duel that Alianza Lima lost against Universitario, the same one in which he entered almost at the end of the match.

“If you’re in the ‘eating’ often and much more than you really should, then you’re going to gain weight, but if you don’t stay like me (laughing)”, he pointed out.