José Quiñones: key Peruvian in the Pan American Weightlifting Federation (PAWF)

A Peruvian man José Quiñones Gonzáles He is president of the Pan American Weightlifting Federation (PAWF), he carried out the Pan American Weightlifting Championships in Guayaquil, Ecuador, which had records and brilliant performances from American weightlifters.

Despite the complicated complex caused by the pandemic, the aforementioned federation was able to successfully complete the sporting events agenda.

The prestigious magazine of the Olympic movement Inside the Games stated that “José Quiñones, president of the Pan American Weightlifting Federation (PAWF), aptly described 2021 as ‘a difficult year’“.

PAWF played a key role last year in making international online competitions viable, hosting its 2020 COVID-delayed Championships in April in the Dominican Republic’s capital Santo Domingo.

Three weightlifters who won medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, three months ago won continental titles at the Pan American Championships in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Then came the belated Olympics in Tokyo, in which the Pan American lifters claimed an impressive haul of two gold, five silver and three bronze medals.

While five of those 11 Olympic medalists did not enter the 2021 version of the Pan American Championship in Guayaquil, five did.

It is important to note that José Carlos Quiñones Gonzales, former president of the Peruvian Olympic Committee (COP), was acquitted of the accusation of an alleged benefit to transportation businessmen during the 2013 South American Youth Sports Games.

The Fourth Unipersonal Criminal Court acquitted the former COP director. Judge Lisdey Bueno Flores maintained that during the proceedings it was established that there are no reasonable indications to issue a conviction against Quiñones Gonzales.

In addition, it reached the point that the subcontracting of the companies Taxi Peru Executive and Alica Tours did not violate any law, since it was not prohibited in any of the clauses, for that reason it could not be classified as disadvantageous for the State.