José Quiñones leads the Hall of Fame ceremony of the Pan American Weightlifting Federation

The 2021 Hall of Fame induction ceremony for the Pan American Weightlifting Federation It will be held on Sunday, November 14 Online.

The president of the FPLP, José Quiñones Gonzáles, informed that the virtual Gala in its second edition will begin at 4:00 pm (Lima time) and will be broadcast through Zoom, YouTube and Facebook Live.

Two legendary sports figures from Trinidad and Tobago, weightlifters Rodney Adolphus Wilkes and Lennox Kilgour, were the exalted athletes, posthumously, on this occasion.

Representatives from Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Colombia were distinguished in the categories of Athletes, Manager, International Technical Officer and Coach.

According to information from the Electoral Commission of the FPLP Hall of Fame, these personalities were nominated “after completing the nomination process, confirmation of achievements, and internal voting.”

As Leader Andrés Vargas from Puerto Rico was selected; Officer, Iván Román, from Cuba and Doris Marrero from Venezuela, and Coach, Luis Carlos Arrieta and Jaiber Manjarrez, from Colombia.

The FPLP Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 2020 as one of the initiatives put into practice by the Pan American Weightlifting Federation as a project of encouragement and recognition amid the negative effects of the terrible global pandemic.

The continental family of weightlifting has welcomed this idea and relies on the growing support of all the national federations in the region in the coming editions.

It is important to note that José Carlos Quiñones Gonzales, former president of the Peruvian Olympic Committee (COP), is free from sanction and was acquitted of the accusation of an alleged benefit to transportation businessmen during the 2013 South American Youth Sports Games.

The Fourth Unipersonal Criminal Court acquitted the former COP director. Judge Lisdey Bueno Flores maintained that during the proceedings it was established that there are no reasonable indications to issue a conviction against Quiñones Gonzales.

In addition, it reached the point that the subcontracting of the companies Taxi Peru Executive and Alica Tours did not violate any law, since it was not prohibited in any of the clauses, for that reason it could not be classified as disadvantageous for the State.