Josetty Hurtado and his sister Génnesis look like great celebrities in Dubai [VIDEO]

They will tell it all! The sisters and influencers Josetty Hurtado and Génnesis Hurtado have managed to achieve success in foreign lands based on a lot of effort and talent. Both now show off touring the world in luxurious cars and extravagant costumes.

As it is remembered, the eldest daughter of Andres Hurtado He shocked his thousands of followers by revealing that he received Christmas and New Years in the middle of skyscrapers in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. However, on this walk she is not alone as her younger sister accompanied her.

Now, Josetty Hurtado and Génnesis Hurtado are getting to know the ostentatious city as great celebrities as people approach them to ask for their photos and autographs. For this reason, they have decided to connect in a live link with their father’s program Because today is Saturday with Andrés to reveal details of their vacations.

“This Saturday at @sabadoconandres @andreshurtadooficial All about our trip to Dubai together with @gennesishurtado by Panamericana TV “, the publication reads that it has managed to obtain thousands of likes and positive comments from viewers.

“Blessings girls all that is work forwards God with you and many successes”, “What emotion”, “Good girls”, “I will not miss it !! But, josetty raffles that pyramid bag”, were some of the comments .

Josetty Hurtado travels all over Machu Picchu with expensive diver Christian Dior

Josetty Hurtado He is living a great moment in his professional life after signing with large and luxurious brands around the world. Now, he decided to take a break and traveled to the city of Cusco. Through her official Instagram account, the conceited driver Andres Hurtado shared several snapshots of his walk through Machu Picchu, where he arrived with his sister Genesis Hurtado and two foreign friends.

However, in the photographs of Josetty Hurtado, the outfit he wore to tour the wonder of the world caught the attention of his followers, because he wore an exclusive set from the luxurious brand Dior. Remember that the influencer does not like to skimp on her clothes and gifts.