Josetty Hurtado dresses from head to toe in gold in Dubai [VIDEO]

Another little thing! As if it were a movie of Hollywood, the influencer and model Josetty Hurtado showed a little more of how she spends it in Dubai, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

This time the daughter of the also extravagant Andres Hurtado, showed his visit to the famous gold market, a place where everything that is sold is made of gold or bathed in gold.

Giving the minors in their social networks, specifically on Instagram and TikTok, the model enters the ‘market’ poses and asks to be dressed from head to toe in pieces of gold.

With a crown, bib, rings and bracelets, the influencer was the envy of many of her followers, who were stunned in the comments because such a lifestyle is from another world.

At the end of the sequence, Josetty is seen being recorded by his sister and posing, also, it seems that he was encouraged by a pair of jewels which are delivered in a velvet blue box. Tremendous luxury!

Josetty Hurtado travels all over Machu Picchu with expensive diver Christian Dior

Josetty Hurtado He is living a great moment in his professional life after signing with large and luxurious brands around the world. Now, he decided to take a break and traveled to the city of Cusco. Through her official Instagram account, the conceited driver Andres Hurtado shared several snapshots of his walk through Machu Picchu, where he arrived with his sister Genesis Hurtado and two foreign friends.

However, in the photographs of Josetty Hurtado, the outfit he wore to tour the wonder of the world caught the attention of his followers, because he wore an exclusive set from the luxurious brand Dior. Remember that the influencer does not like to skimp on her clothes and gifts.