Josimar assures that he gets along well with María Fe Saldaña: ​​”Our relationship with parents is not bad”

Josimar He spoke to make it clear that he gets along well with María Fe Saldaña, mother of his last daughter. In addition, the salsero assured that he is in the best moment of his life, since he is doing very well and has many plans regarding his musical career, because he is preparing a new record production for this January 21.

The interpreter of “The best of all” explained that, despite the distance, he has not forgotten his children and everything that was said about him in various programs is a lie. “Our relationship as parents is not bad, on the contrary, it is super good. They talked about things out there, but it was the opposite of what people who followed programs whose goal is to discredit people who want to get ahead, so I never stopped the bad comments, because I know what they were and how they are things with my baby and Mafe, it is the best, and ugly comments, deaf ears, “he said to Trome.

Likewise, the singer asserted that María Fe Saldaña always sends him images of the last of his daughters. “The relationship with Mafe is good, we talk almost every day. Send me videos and photos of the baby We make video calls almost every day to at least pamper my new princess from afar ”.

The young woman, after giving birth to her daughter with the salsa singer, told her followers on social networks that she has decided not to share images where her baby’s face can be seen. “For now I’m not going to show my fat, because I decided to do so, since there are a lot of people with a bad vibe and I don’t want that for my chubby. I don’t care if it’s with me, but I’m going to take good care of my fat woman ”.

The salsa singer celebrated the birth of his daughter with María Fe Saldaña in style and even, in one of his concerts held outside Peru, revealed that he would like to have more children after having married his Cuban girlfriend in the United States. “To bring such a cute girl named Jeilani. I am very happy to be a father for the fourth time, I want to offer you my happiness with you, my people, “he told his audience. “My wife has two, there are already six. I have to do two more to be eight, “he added.