Jossmery Toledo accepts that he changed his voice for anabolics: “I had bad advice”

The former reality girl, Jossmery Toledo, acknowledged that her voice has changed due to the consumption of anabolics. In this sense, he assured that she had bad advice and that she did know the consequences that it could have, however, he affirmed that each body is different and he thought that this could not happen to her.

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Jossmery Toledo He also pointed out that he currently no longer consumes anything and asked the girls to find out before consuming anything. “Currently it is not that I am using something, before I did use it and I had bad advice and I say it, if you are going to do something, you have to find out,” said the ex-chica reality for “Amor y Fuego”.

“Now I’m not using anything and my voice is because it affected me. I had bad advice. I did it for a fool. I wanted to be toned. I did know, but it depends on the body. My voice did change. I was amazed. Even my dad bullies me, but what can I do,” he added. Jossmery Toledo in statements with “Love and Fire”.

Secondly, Jossmery Toledo She was happy for the sport she is doing now and asked that they support her. “It’s love for sports because you don’t get money, it’s expensive at meals, I’m running out of needle. I already found something I like and I’m not going to change it for anything, I’m like butter and it slips.”

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Jossmery Toledo shares a message

After having changed her voice, the former reality girl, Jossmery Toledo shared a thoughtful message, making it clear how difficult it is to do a body transformation to achieve the desired goals.

“Transforming your body requires a lot of hard work, discipline and patience. It is something that most people simply do not have the determination to do. That is why a fitness body is so impressive and admirable for others”, is the message he shared Jossmery Toledo.