Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado: How did ‘Amor y Fuego’ achieve the new ampay by kissing?

The new ampay between the ex-chica reality Jossmery Toledo and the soccer player Paolo Hurtado has given the time this Monday, April 17, 2023, images released by ‘Love and Fire’. But how did the Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter program manage to have the recent images who would be the couple of the moment, who have not stopped seeing each other despite the fact that his wife is pregnant?

Well the program ‘Love and Fire’ revealed how they managed to register Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo giving each other passionate kisses on the mouth. It turns out that it was a ‘rodriguistas’ who gave them the information that they were both living in some bungalows with other friends of theirs since Saturday afternoon of this last weekend.

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“On Saturday afternoon, some rodriguistas gave us the information that the ‘Caballito’ was staying in some bungalows in the ravines of Santa Eulalia,” it is heard saying in the note of ‘Amor y Fuego’. According to the journalists, that day they managed to get there, but only one tone was heard, a party that he would have organized for the former police officer for his birthday.

Already on Sunday, the couple made up of Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo They would have had no qualms about being seen sharing with other friends and in the images she can be seen trying to kiss him on the mouth, although only the third time was the charm. Previously, he was seen dodging the situation.

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Rodrigo González supports Rosa Fuentes

The host of ‘Love and Fire’, Rodrigo Gonzalez He showed his unconditional support for Rosa Fuentes, still the wife of Paolo Hurtado, noting that he has managed to get rid of a person like ‘Caballito’, a Cienciano footballer. In this sense, she asked him to continue to remain strong in his decision.

“You have won, all of us who appreciate you tell you that, those of us who see what is happening, separating the two beings (…) You do not need to rub it in his face and add lemon to the wound. These images are from now” , added Rodrigo Gonzalez in your program.