Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado: What relationship do they have after ampay and what is the drastic decision they made?

The ex-girl reality Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado are once again on the cover of different media, because the Amor y fuego program supported them this weekend in a compromising situation.

Let’s remember that after the ampay that they staged in Cusco and triggered the separation of the athlete with his wife Rosa FuentesThey were never seen together again. What relationship do they have? Paolo and Josmery?

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What relationship do Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado have?

In the preview of the program hosted by Rodrigo Gonzáles and Gigi Mitre, you can see Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado in a very romantic moment, as the former police officer hugs him and kisses him on the cheek.

Although so far neither of them has commented on whether they started a romantic relationship, on social networks they have already begun to speculate that both are giving themselves a chance in love.

“What is known is that Paolo and her husband did not return and he apologized for what happened and that’s it. Now if he wants to make his life or have fun with jossmery It is not hurting anyone”, “Surely they already started a relationship”, reads some of the comments from netizens.

Let’s remember that a few days ago Paul He was expelled from his team, so he took advantage of that time without being on his team to get to Lima and spend time with the former member of Esto es guerra.

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What is the drastic measure that Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado took?

Faced with the new ampay that they are starring in, Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado They made the radical decision to block the comments on their social networks, due to the bad comments they may receive.

Let us remember that this is not the first time that they have decided to limit the comments of their followers, because after making themselves known in the first video in Cusco they also decided to take the same measures, but shortly after they decided to release the comments.

It should be noted that a few weeks ago the footballer deleted all the photos he has with his still wife Rosa Fuentes and only left those he has with his two youngest children. In addition, the athlete’s last publication was a week ago, where he can be seen with the Cienciano team in Liga 1.

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Did Paolo Hurtado want to return to his wife Rosa Fuentes?

Rodrigo González revealed the comment he liked through his social networks Paolo Hurtado, after his wife announced their separation through a statement.

“Be careful with letting go of a good love for being confused”, the TV presenter with his publication hinted that the footballer would be seeking forgiveness from his ex-partner.