Jossmery Toledo denies having an OnlyFans account: “Don’t be fooled”

Outraged. Jossmery Toledo not only denied having an account in OnlyFans, He also asked his followers not to continue depositing money because it is a scam. “They have sent me a photo of the bank transfers. Do not be fooled,” said the former reality girl that she is in the eye of the storm due to her obvious physical changes as a result of anabolic drugs.

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An account of B with the name of jossmery circulates in networks. There they publish high-calibre photos of the ex-Police and invite you to follow her and have exclusive material. “I don’t have Twitter or Telegram. They’re posting photos that you can’t even see my face. I don’t have an account there, otherwise I’d be earning my 30,000 soles and nothing to do (laughs). They’re being scammed,” she said.

In this sense, he said that he has already made the public complaint on networks and hopes that they can become aware to avoid being victims of scam. “I have nothing of those things, I clarify that there will be no ‘calateo’. Do not pay, because I know that there are people who are doing it. They have sent me a photo of the deposits, I only manage my Instagram account with the blue ‘check’ “, added to the cameras of the program ‘Love and Fire’.

It is worth mentioning that the alleged account of onlyfans It was created in April 2018, that is, almost 5 years ago. In addition, she has 14,500 fans who would have paid many dollars for the sole purpose of seeing “hot” photos and videos of the former member of “Esto es guerra.”

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Jossmery Toledo acknowledges that she consumed anabolics: “I was badly advised”

Clear things up. Jossmery Toledo she was approached by the cameras of the Willax Television program in a gym and told the truth about the consumption of anabolics. “I was badly advised, I admit it. Now I’m not using anything and the voice is because it affected me. I did it for a fool. I wanted to be toned,” said the former police officer.

In this sense, he said that he was aware of the side effects that he could suffer, but he dared to take the risk to be more fit. “I did know, it depends on the body. My voice did change. I was amazed. Even my dad ‘bouled’ me, but what can I do,” she said.