Jossmery Toledo: how much did you earn when you were a police officer, before you became famous in “This is war”?

Jossmery Toledo became known in the local show business after starring in a video on her social networks. This cost her her permanence in the Peruvian National Police. In addition to being part of this institution, the influencer had other part-time jobs that allowed her to survive.

Find out how much the model earned before joining the reality show “Esto es guerra”.

Before being a ‘Combatiente’ in “Esto es guerra”, Jossmery Toledo worked as a third class non-commissioned officer in the Peruvian National Police. Like every agent with this rank who has just graduated, his salary was approximately S/ 1,976 according to the official portal of the PNP.

It is worth mentioning that this was not the only income that the model generated at that time. It is known that she also received payments for collaborating with a group of lawyers and she had other part-time jobs as a model or hostess at nightclubs.

Jossmery Toledo He spoke with “You are in all” about how the end of his career in the PNP came about. The member of “This is war” began by revealing the circumstances in which she was encouraged to upload the video to TikTok for which he became famous.

“TikTok, actually, I didn’t know how to use it. At that time he had an ex-boyfriend who took my photos and videos, he is the one who posted it because I didn’t know about those things. He uploaded it and I didn’t do it with the intention of being media, or anything. He uploaded it and Diosito enlightened me and gave me the star of “Jossmery, you have to be famous,” said the current public figure.

Later, he told what really happened when he said goodbye to the institution. “Actually, they didn’t fire me, I quit. I finished the investigation process, because they investigated me. For me it was annoying, like I was a criminal and I myself resigned and retired from the Police because they were going to look for the reason to bother me. It was practically workplace harassment, so I decided to retire so as not to get stained ”, she related.

The former agent of the PNP, Jossmery Toledo He returns to star in the portals of the entertainment press due to the last complaint he made on his networks. According to the ‘combatant’, the crew members of the plane she boarded last weekend mistreated her in front of everyone without any valid argument:

“Very apart from the fact that our flight was delayed for five hours, a flight attendant brought me down. I’m going to find out the names. He has lowered me down this blanket. For me it is an abuse what they have done. I don’t know… the service, I don’t know what kind of treatment they have. He goes and complains to the crew member, comes to the policeman and makes a scandal for me to get off, as if I had been spoiled”.

After a video in which Jossmery Toledo was forcibly removed from a Latam plane went viral and dozens of occupants made demeaning comments at her, the airline spoke on its social networks to publicize the reason why its collaborators decided to remove the reality girl from the means of transport.

According to the company, Jossmery Toledo failed to comply with the protection requirements required by passengers who sit in the emergency exit. “We had to be forced to disembark from flight LA2279, which operated on the Chiclayo – Lima route, to passenger Jossmery Toledo, who was sitting in the emergency exit and repeatedly refused to comply with safety regulations that apply for said row ”, read their statement.

Jossmery Toledo appeared in “En boca de todos” to tell in detail the incident that he starred in on a Latam plane when he was at the Chiclayo airport on June 26. After exposing negligence on the part of the company and affirming that the cabin crew caused verbal aggression from passengers to her person, the young woman demanded that she be rewarded.

In the same way, he clarified that he is not only preparing a lawsuit against the airline, but also requests financial compensation because as a result of the postponement of his flight, he lost work in the capital and had to pay extra expenses. “Today (June 28) I am presenting my complaint to Indecopi, that they compensate me, because I have lost a job I have not arrived at my destination at the time I had to arrive and I have paid for the hotel”, said Anye Cámaras.

After entering “This is war”, Jossmery Toledo was romantically linked to Fabio Agostini. Both had had a dispute in the past with Paula Manzanal, who dated the reality boy for a while.

“However, she clarified that they were just friends and there was nothing else between them. We are colleagues and (Fabio) bothers me, but it’s like I don’t care anymore, ”she said after being asked about an apparent relationship.

In May 2022, Jossmery Toledo spoke for the first time about the controversial video on TikTok wearing the uniform of the Peruvian National Police. In “You are in all”, the reality girl spoke about the fact.

“He uploaded it and I did not do it with the intention of being media, or anything. She uploaded it and Diosito enlightened me and gave me the star of ‘Jossmery you have to be famous,’ ”she said.

After the incident with the airline Latam, Jossmery Toledo expressed her indignation at the treatment she received from the workers of the Chilean company. Also, with the police officers who did not take action in the face of the insults he was receiving.

“I felt very affected because I felt that she was a criminal who was being taken off the plane, and they shouldn’t have done it like that,” she said.

Despite the fact that the model announced that she was analyzing her continuity in “Esto es guerra” after the controversial incident on the Latam flight, Jossmery Toledo said that her mother encouraged her not to leave television. “I analyzed it, but my mother told me that she shouldn’t break me down, because reality boys always qualify us all in bad taste and it’s not like that, because each one is independent. Yes, I was thinking of leaving television and my mother told me: ‘don’t give them the pleasure,’ ”she said.

Jossmery Toledo’s controversial incident on the Latam plane caused various reactions in show business. One of those who spoke out against the relity girl was Magaly Medina, who assured that she should not ask the airline for compensation. “Good luck, my daughter, let’s see if Indecopi listens to you. Good luck because you are going to need it. It was all about asking for a little money. You are to blame for being lowered, you had to pay for your hotel and, if possible, even a new ticket, ”she commented.

The reality girl appeared on the set of “En boca de todos” to tell her version of the recent event that occurred on the Latam flight. In her interview, Jossmery Toledo revealed that she has requested compensation from the company since they not only made her lose her job but also encouraged the verbal aggression she suffered from the passengers. “I feel that they provoked all that, the anger of the people (…) the people were already irritated,” she said.

The influencer has gone through one of the most complicated moments of her life, since she was emotionally affected by the attacks she received from the passengers of the Latam flight. After that, Jossmery Toledo shared a reflection in the stories of her Instagram account. “No matter what position you hold, say hello, be humble and polite,” she posted.

The ex-police assured that they did not disrespect any passenger on the Latam flight so that they reacted aggressively towards him. Therefore, Jossmery Toledo apologizes to the airline because she was attacked by the occupants of the plane. “I have no problem because at no time did I disrespect anyone, at all times I kept my composure, because any character would be upset, but I tried to control myself,” she recounted.

The model spoke with the program “En boca de todos”, she was also accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Juana Coronel, who was distressed by the uncomfortable moment that her daughter experienced on the Latam flight.

“I feel affected because she is my daughter and I know how I raised her. I think he was bullied on that flight. Within that airline there must be well-trained people to treat the public, ”she said at the beginning.

After her imminent departure from reality sports, Jossmery Toledo has more free time to dedicate to her sportswear venture Joss Fit Sport. In the social networks of his brand, Jossmery appears posing with the clothes to exercise.

In addition, the former police officer is an ambassador for the DoradoBet betting house and, as if that were not little, in her free time, she works as an entertainer at events in discos and other nightlife centers.