Jossmery Toledo reappears very smiling after ampay with Paolo Hurtado

Secretly? Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado are the protagonists of a new ampay. The model and the soccer player no longer hide their love, and they can be seen in more than loving situations, as can be seen in the advance of the program ‘Love and Fire’. The images will be released this afternoon, April 17.

In the promotion of the Willax TV space, the former police officer hugs the athlete and secretly kisses effusively. The “little horse” Hurtado, as he is known in soccer, is in Lima and did not hesitate to look for the former member of “This is war.” New and controversial images of a lover Jossmery Toledo!

YOU CAN SEE: Will Paolo Hurtado make Jossmery Toledo official after ampay? This is what the users said

While Rosa Fuenteswife Paul, He is still in the United States enjoying the stage of his third pregnancy, he lives his secret love with the artist, who was also a partner of the Spaniard Fabio Augustini. After the ampay, Jossmery, who recently celebrated his birthday with his friends, reappeared in the middle of a public road and is very happy. At least, that’s how she showed it on the street.

A ‘ratuja’ of instarandula he took it upon himself to record her while she was driving her car. In the video, he is encouraged to greet her, and Toledo, she manages to smile as if one of the happiest moments of her life was happening. Her love makes her look more beautiful and radiant. Could it be that he Paul Will he make it official after separating from his wife and mother of his children?

YOU CAN SEE: Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado make a radical decision after a new ampay from both. Will they become official?

Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado: How was the ampay in Cusco?

The program ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ stirred up the show business with the ampay of Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado, in progress. The model traveled to the imperial city to visit the athlete who played for Cienciano’s team. In the images, she arrives at the airport and goes to her apartment. Surprise caused this revealing ampay in Chollywood.

Jean Deza’s ex-partner also spent the whole night with him. immediately she left Rosa Fuentes to clarify that they were still together and that she is expecting her third child. Show business characters sympathized with the young mother who made the radical decision to leave the country and travel to New York with her other two little ones.