Jossmery Toledo released a phrase that Tilsa Lozano used 9 years ago on her Facebook: “Love and fire” the evidence

Did you recycle the phrase from ‘Tili’? Jossmery Toledo is in the public eye after his link with the selected Paolo Hurtado, who also received criticism after “balancing” through chats with his still wife Rosa Fuentes and stand up for the ex-police, with whom he continues to see despite the controversy.

Now, the influencer surprised her networks by launching a tremendous message that would be a hint to the mother of the Cienciano player’s children. Her recent post did not go unnoticed by ‘Love and fire’ noticing a great similarity with the one published 9 years ago by Tilsa Lozano on her networks.

YOU CAN SEE: Does Jossmery Toledo respond to Rosa Fuentes after chats with Paolo Hurtado?: “Don’t get into what you don’t care about”

“Don’t talk about what you don’t know. Don’t get into what you don’t care about. And don’t judge what you didn’t experience,” Jossmery Toledo wrote a few hours ago on his official Twitter account. Instagram. That powerful message is very similar to the one launched by the now wife of Jackson Torres in her account Facebook a few years ago.

“You have put the same sentence exactly nine years ago in your Facebook, because at that time I still didn’t have Instagram, but I was sure I would put it. There it is, that’s what he did, send hints. (…) The same pattern”, commented Rodrigo Gonzalez when seeing that post of the former ‘tomba’ and the one of the former ‘Avenger’.

“Be careful what they say. It is not going to be that they have to swallow all their words. Do not believe everything you hear, do not say everything you know, much less repeat things that you have not seen,” Lozano had written at the time . It is worth noting that “Tili” had a clandestine romance with Juan Manuel Vargas in the past.

YOU CAN SEE: Paolo Hurtado warned Rosa Fuentes that Jossmery Toledo will tell her truth: “You’ll fight with her

What did Paolo Hurtado say to his still wife Rosa Fuentes after going out to tell his truth?

A few hours ago, through ‘Magaly TV La Firme’, the conversations between Rosa Fuentes and her still-husband Paolo Hurtado were revealed, who sent everything against the mother of her children and sent her a strong “dart”, which for many was considered a threat.

“Now, just as you talk, I’m going to tell her to come out and talk. You’ll fight against her then. She’s going to come out and talk. Now I’m going to tell her, I’m going to tell her everything so that she comes out and talks. Here I am not going to look bad no more. Do you want to play dirty? Ok”, wrote the player, who does not make ‘roches’ in showing himself with the ex-police Jossmery Toledo.