Jossmery Toledo: what has become of his life after retiring from the PNP and being the new EEG pump: 10 years

Jossmery Toledo She was a third-grade NCO, who became a national trend due to a viralized video on social networks, in which she appears wearing the uniform of the National Police of Peru (PNP) and then in a short dress, where you can admire her statuesque body of the model.

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Jossmery, since her retirement from the Police, has managed to win the affection of social network users, who shower her with praise and support in each of her projects. She is currently dedicated to modeling and is also an influencer. She also surprised all her followers last night by being presented as a “bomb” in the first program of “This is war: 10 years.”

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Jossmery Toledo: viral TikTok video

Jossmery Toledo rose to fame in January 2020, when it went viral on TikTok a video of him where he surprised many with his change of work look to what he looked like when he was a civilian.

In the video you can see her appear wearing the uniform of the National Police of Peru (PNP) and, then she jumps to show herself in a tight red dress. Since then, Jossmery Toledo he began to make a name for himself and appear on the front pages for his love life.

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Jossmery Toledo and her time as Queens of the Show

The influencer also arrived on América TV as a participant in Gisela Valcárcel’s program, Reinas del Show, along with Italo Valcarcel as his dancer, but his performance on the dance floor has not been the best.

Not only has the model been harshly criticized by Belén Estévez, but she also starred in a spectacular fall which led her to find herself sentenced, for which she strongly questioned her dance partner.

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Jossmery Toledo: is featured in This is war: 10 years

Jossmery Toledo shocked viewers and everyone on the set of This is war being presented as the new competitor of this new season that will celebrate its 10 years on the air uninterruptedly by the América Televisión signal.

the former police Jossmery Toledo He decided to take advantage of the new opportunity that This is War gave him, remember that years ago he received a proposal to be part of the reality show, but because of his sentimental ex-partner he rejected the invitation. However, this time she assured that she will not resign. “Neither for love nor for anything will I leave EEG,” she stressed.