Jossmery Toledo: What has happened to your life after leaving Esto es Guerra?

Jossmery Toledo is one of the characters in the peruvian show business more recent, but in recent months it has stayed away from the small screen. Let’s remember that the last time she was seen was in August 2022, when she was eliminated by the competition reality show This is War, after her classmates voted against her. What is the ex-police currently doing? Coming up next, we tell you.

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Why was Jossmery Toledo removed from This is War?

On August 1, 2022, the Court announced the start of the program This is war that there would be drastic changes, so all the participants had to eliminate one of the members of their team. Although at first they were all against it, in the end they ended up accepting and they began to vote for the competitors that they considered weaker or that did not contribute to their group.

This is how the majority of combatants decided to vote for who should be eliminated and Jossmery Toledo he led the number of votes, but was followed by his colleagues Rafael Cardozo and Fabio Agostini.

After knowing the elimination of Toledo, the model decided not to talk about it and just chose to retire with a very serious look. At that same time, Gabriela Herrera was also withdrawn.

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What does Jossmery Toledo currently do?

through their rsocial networks it became known that Jossmery Toledo It is dedicated to the sale of sportswear, although its last publication was in 2020. “I’m going to launch my sportswear brand and I’ll tell you in advance that it will be called ‘Joss Fit’,” he explained once when he announced his first venture.

On the other hand, the model is also an ambassador for the DoradoBet bookmaker, but they have been working together for a long time, when she participated in one of their commercials.

“A new star joins the team! We welcome Jossmery Toledo, who from now on will be part of the DoradoBet family. She already bets with the best! And you?” reads the publication made by the company when announcing its new member.

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Jossmery Toledo went on a trip with her parents to Mexico

Jossmery Toledo She decided to spend part of her savings to take a luxury trip through Mexico, only this time she decided not to go with her great friend Macarena Gastaldo, but instead chose to pamper her parents with an incredible vacation.

Through his story of instagram, we found out that it is located in the famous amusement and adventure park called XCaret. “How I love spending time with my parents,” she reads in the description of the story published by the now lawyer.