Jossmery was intervened for driving without a license: “She showed a police license” [VIDEO]

Former Peruvian police officer Jossmery Toledo was exposed in the worst way in social networks and it is that, according to an accusation in a complaint, she was detained by the authorities for, supposedly, having driven her vehicle without any type of license.

Even the attribution of driving with a police license would have been taken, the same one that would be invalid since he left the institution around 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic.

“Is it allowed to show it or is it a crime? With what license are you currently driving now? Because you would be committing a serious crime, Jossmery,” the reporter who addresses her at the time is heard saying.

It should be noted that in the post that went viral on the platforms, it is read that the now model and image of brands took advantage of her condition to mock the law, since according to the Ministry’s portal, she is not registered in any way .

Jossmery Toledo confesses that she is in love with a mysterious heartthrob: “He is winning my heart”

Jossmery Toledo caused a great shock to his thousands of followers after changing his look, but now he decided to confess a few hours before the end of the year 2021. Through his social networks the public figure decided to resolve the doubts of his fans.

“Are you single? Or is someone already conquering,” said a user, to which the influencer was silent for a few seconds and after deciding, revealed that a mysterious man is winning her heart. “Yes, there is someone who is winning my heart,” she said, shocking all the users who follow her.